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Altus Aviation Services Sdn. Bhd.

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Altus Aviation Services Sdn. Bhd. (Altus Aviation) is wholly owned bumiputera company established to provide a one-stop center for aircraft and aviation management in Malaysia. Altus Aviation is managed by team of experience and highly established personnel in the aviation industry.

Are you interested in addressing your aviation and aerospace concerns with a consultant that is both remarkable in its autonomy and highly knowledgeable in the field? Whether you need Aircraft MRO Services, aircraft and aviation management, aviation consulting services, aircraft safety and survival equipment, or any other aviation-related services, we are ready to provide complete solutions and best services to all our clients.

Our Services

Aircraft Management

We prepare everything you need for your unique needs.

Aerial Services

All you need to know about Aerial Services and how it helps to minimize your plantation cost.

Safety and Survival Equipment

We will ensure your safety from air to the sea because you are our utmost priority.

Aviation Consultation and Management

We deliver thoughtful investment advisory services for aviation industry.

Training Services

We will guide you for every courses or trainings you need to attend thoroughly.

Aircraft and Aviation Management

Clients rely on Altus Aviation Services for data-driven analytics that make decisions using carefully curated, proprietary databases, algorithms, and industry forecasts.

Altus Aviation's client-centric engagement strategy is based on a collaborative approach in which senior principals are actively involved in project teams and committed to solving our customers' most difficult issues. Altus Aviation Services employs tried-and-true project execution techniques that have been refined through decades of hands-on project management, problem resolution, solution development, execution, and implementation expertise in the aviation industry.

We offer the best Aircraft and Aviation Management in Malaysia including but are not limited to aircraft procurement, aircraft joint ownership program, maintenance, and operational management.

Aircraft MRO Services

Our maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) consulting team has extensive experience advising MRO providers such as airlines, OEMs, and independent suppliers. Whatever the age or complexity of your aircraft's equipment and systems, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to keep everything running smoothly. Whether you need regular or unscheduled maintenance, inspections, airframe repairs, paints and interiors, electrical and instruments, or everything in between, we can take care of all of your aircraft needs.

If you are a private pilot, military, or a commercial operator, we are able to offer you with a comprehensive range of Aircraft MRO Services in Malaysia for your single aircraft or your whole aircraft fleet, particularly in the following areas:

Aviation Consultation Services

There are many important decisions in life, and buying an aeroplane is undoubtedly one of them. Making decisions that are both practical and emotionally gratifying requires a certain degree of self-discipline. The reason for this is obvious: such decisions, from buying a house to pursuing a new profession, are often driven by our deepest hopes and desires. As a consequence, when it comes to choosing the perfect set of wings, emotions are inevitably involved. After all, you want to buy an aeroplane because you like flying. At the same time, emotion may lead us to lose sight of the practical considerations that must be made when buying an aeroplane, and after the initial thrill of purchasing a new plane has worn off, the practical concerns must be addressed.

Leave it to us to take care of it. We are in an ideal position to assess all of your objectives as the leading Aviation Consultation Services in Malaysia. Altus Aviation Services can assist you in all the practical parts of buying an airplane like aircraft acquisition, aircraft joint ownership programmes, aircraft maintenance, and operational management.

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

Although flying may be a lot of fun, it is important to remember that both professional and private pilots work in a high-risk environment. While it is often possible to avoid many common accidents by following proper safety precautions, it may be difficult to plan for all potential scenarios. Pilots should always carry Aircraft Safety & Survival Equipment with them at all times to prepare for the possibility that things may not go as planned.

Altus Aviation Services provides a wide range of Aircraft Safety & Survival Equipment Malaysia to give you peace of mind that you and your passengers will be prepared in the event of an emergency. To guarantee the safety of your aircraft, we verify that all of the equipment is TSO Authorized which has been approved by the FAA and EASA.

Altus Aviation

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